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Any news?

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How have you been doing in the last couple of weeks? Already shocked by the “Oberstufe” or can you keep up (~”mithalten”) with those who have had one more year of experience? I´m of course particularly interested in how you´re coping with English ;-) .

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


comment, summary, characterisation

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Please find the announced instructions for comments, summaries and characterisations on the right (“HOW TOs”).

Good luck in the “Oberstufe” to all of you!

Mr D.

island programme

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We´ll meet at 7:40 a.m. in your classroom. We´re leaving for the buses at 7:45 a.m. – so make sure you´ll be on time. The buses will not wait.

Having said that, here´s the programme:


Is anyone really considering going for a swim (2:30 – 4:00 p.m.)???

You´ve probably figured that out yourselves already, but just to make sure:  bringing a raincoat and/or an umbrella might come in very handy (~ “sich als sehr nützlich erweisen“).

Have a nice weekend!

need reminders?

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As you´ll  all be disappearing into your A-level courses in a couple of weeks time, I wondered whether it might be a good idea to post a collection of all the “HOW TOs” that we worked on in the recent 1.5 years (e.g. “how to write a characterisation”, “how to write a comment” etc.). I am not going to delete this blog, so it could serve as a sort of  “safe haven” in the troubled, shark-infested waters of the Oberstufe ;-) – just in case some of you feel they could do with a little reminder of how things are done…

So, interested anyone?

group 1, this is for you.

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Hello group 1,

as you did not hand in your decision on time (deadline was today, 8 p.m.), here is your result:

Each group member receives the same number of points. Your failure to meet the deadline has resulted in the deduction (~“Abzug”) of one point for each member. Consequently your individual result is 10.

waking the dead

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My dears,

there have been more than  170 hits on this blog during the last 40 hours, consequently most of you are following what is going on here.  So why is it that Robert and Figen seem to be the only ones having the guts (~ “den Mut haben“) to give their opinion?


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